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16" T3 Syncro 'Bergwacht'

Bergwacht passed 65.000km the other day.
I also finally got to installing the spacers for the arms. They give a lot more articulation and the tire traverse more up and down, instead of sideways now.

Fyn 2010

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Home from the annual Fyn event. It was really good and ‘hyggeligt’. The kids loved it.
I was out off-roading with Veronica, which is always a lot of fun.

Helping 'Røde Mor' (Red Mother)

Eating dinner on the roof, and enjoying the evening sun.


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I got the new CV today. There’s a few bits I’m not quite sure where goes, but I’m counting on it making sense when I take it apart…
The hack I made with the grease, last week, seems to be working. It’s not clicking any more, but I figure the damage has been done. I’m going to the Fyn 2010 event this coming weekend, and plan to drive until it falls apart, completely.

New CV joint

Front outer CV, bleeding all it's grease.

Wonder where they go...


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The front, outer CV joint has lost almost all of it’s grease, so I think it’ll die soon : (. I tried to mess around with it this evening, but failed to pry it open. I’m afraid of damaging the clamp, because the strips I have are too small, so I won’t be able to seal the sleeve again… I ordered a new CV joint from Syncro-Services, and got a really good deal. With a little luck, I’ll have it later this week.
Oh, and I bought a new torque wrench : ).

New gear

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I’ll install the control arm spacers tomorrow, as well as the light guards for the front. I have a weird, slight shake when I drive 60kph or faster, so I might as well investigate that while I’m at it. I’m not sure if the spacers are needed yet, but they will definitely come in handy when I raise the van some more.

I’ve uploaded some images from the Syncro 25 Year event, in Mammut Park. Click the below to view.


I’ve just spend 1 hour fixing the gaping hole I had in my exhaust. It’s really neat to have a car with lot’s of ground clearance, because menial tasks, like this, are just so much easier sitting, rather than lying down : ).


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I bought some 30mm spacers for the rear, and some fancy shocks for the front that also works as spacers. I’m not quite sure just how much lift it gave me, since I didn’t measure it before, but the pic below testifies it definitely went a bit up : ).
I installed the new parts at Mammut, with help from a couple of guys (cheers!). Next step is new heavy duty CV’s and Seikel springs…

Rest… need rest (and a shower)

I made some brackets for the Hi-lift, this morning.

They look really good (in all modesty) : ).